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We hope you’ll be glad you found this site and that we can help relieve you of a few pounds (of weight anyway). Dieting isn’t easy as we know well and when you have had to diet once, you’ll almost certainly have to do it again (and again) at some point. Our aim is to help you maximise your success now and delay any need to diet again in future, hopefully indefinitely.


Before you start read the page ‘Before you start’ which is tabbed above. For the vast majority of us dieting is benign and we will end up eating a healthier diet. For the small minority it can make a bad situation worse. So please DO follow the advice.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Diet Doubler”

  1. eat entvyehirg. just eat less of entvyehirg.easiest way to lose weight without much effort.usually i just cut back on starchy carb intake. less bread,rice,pasta,cereal.if you want to lose weight fast then you would have to cut back too much and it would be noticeable.but just cutting back a little here and there at each meal and you could lose wieight without it being obvious.i lose 1/2lb a week just by cutting out a small amount here and there. it doesn’t sound like much but i it would add up to 26lbs in a yr. and i only want to lose 10.

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