Before you diet


Before you diet go and see your doctor.  For the vast majority of us dieting is benign and we will end up eating a healthier diet. For the small minority it can make a bad situation worse. So please follow this advice. If you are obese then you may well be borderline diabetic, changing your diet may well reverse this, but you need to know first. There are many other reasons to be careful of changing your diet as well.

Our adult daughter seem to vary between being over weight and painfully thin. We were worried that she suffered from anorexia or bulimia, though she always had a healthy appetite when at home. It came to a head one very cold Christmas when we were all sitting around in fleeces to keep warm and our daughter was in a this summer vest asking to turn the heating down. She was persuaded to see her doctor and a blood test revealed a variable but over active thyroid and is now on permanent medication.

This is not a medical site and we are not medics in any way.  We simply aim to help you gain the knowledge, understanding and develop the skills, abilities and habits to attain your diet goals more effectively and more permanently.

We believe in a healthy balanced diet eaten in the right quantity. Easily said, but not easily done, hopefully we can make it more easily attainable.

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